Monday, 24 September 2012

fine line between urgency and one thing at a time...

In fundraising for this expedition, concentrating on the end goal is an essential part of keeping the momentum going. With all the media attention on the dramatic levels of melting in sea ice levels in the Arctic this week, the end goal of my aspiration to be an effective Antarctic Youth Ambassador is ever more poignant and the urgency of the issue  has increased my urgency to keep working as hard as I can to get to this goal.
Overwhelmingly this week however, the support I have received from friends, family, and colleagues has made it so that I simply HAVE to make it all a reality now. People's openness and generosity with their time, ideas, and resources is amazing. I seem to be hovering somewhere between sleep deprived clumsiness and blind panic a lot this week with the monumental task ahead but  I am really touched that people are sharing this weight and every kind deed is pushing me closer to the line (and the boat in Ushuaia in 20 weeks time!!!) 

Special shout outs to all the Carlin/Mc Tague gang, Simon, Luna, Helene, Dud, Kim Mc Kazi, Maggie, Michelle, Sarah, Cleo, Carolyn, Ashe, Della and all the wonderful people who have been giving so generously on my gofundme page....
I am really excited to get working on the great fundraising ideas you have had, and will be taking you up on offers of help......So so much to do!!!

In the Guardian this week, George Monbiot
summed up the inheritance that we are leaving to the next generation...
"In June he (David Cameron) struck an agreement with the Norwegian prime minister "to enable sustainable development of Arctic energy". Sustainable development, of course, means drilling for oil.  Is this how our children will see it: that w

e destroyed the benign conditions that made our world of wonders possible, and then used the opportunity to amplify the damage? All of us, of course, can claim to have acted with other aims in mind, or not to have acted at all, as the other immediacies of life seemed more important. But – unless we respond at last – the results follow as surely as if we had sought to engineer them."

Please, keep supporting the protection of our Polar Regions, and keep doing one little thing to combat climate change.  Keep spreading the word about this project and 2041, to make someone somewhere look twice at a newspaper article or headline about the damage that has been done and what we can all do.

 There it is again, that fine line between urgency and one thing at a time.....

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