Tuesday, 23 October 2012

hitting 100km in Skate the Drake! And other treats in store!!

Ok, I really have to keep up with maintaining my blog updates, but every day seems to bring more progressions, and thank you's and acts of incredible kindness and peaks and troughs of emotions that it can be very difficult to keep up with my feet, not talking about my blog!
First things first, I managed to raise the first $5000 for the deposit for the Expedition, meaning this Cinderella will go to the Ball, on the ship, to Antarctica (!) Now, I say I managed to raise the money, when in fact it has been YOU ALL that has raised the money. I cannot express my gratitude enough to everybody involved, but especially I would like to offer a massive thank you to Ecocem, the French Embassy in Ireland and Kimmage Development Studies Centre for their generous patronage.
November it seems is going to be the month of Fundraisers. Confirmed is a Café Scientifique Event at the Alliance Francaise de Dublin, titled "Climate Change- Ireland's place in the Polar Plight"
 We will have a panel of Climate Experts (including myself) speaking on Climate Change, followed by a Q+A session and debate. We will also be showing a short excerpt of last year's expedition. This will all be held over food and drink in La Cocotte Café on November 22nd from 6.30pm.
I am also planning A 'Stand Up for Penguins' comedy night, kindly arranged by Simon O'Keeffe over at the Capital Comedy Club http://www.capitalcomedyclub.com/. We are finalising a venue and acts, and I will post details here once everything is set in stone.
Finally, if the rain had not called off play tonight, I would be announcing that I have skated over 100km for Skate the Drake! I am at 91km at the moment, but please keep supporting me, every message/donation/offer of being my skate buddy pushes me closer to the line! I may be asking for donations of wheels soon enough as my skates are as battered as my knees today!
Inspirational picture of the day is courtesy of the Antarctic Youth Ambassador Programme Facebook Page!

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